Our Food

Asam Pedas Premier menu focuses on a variety of traditional authentic food, incorporating high quality ingredients and spices for a satisfying meal.

Our Technology

Asam Pedas Premier uses the latest food technology to deliver quality & delicious authentic traditional Malaysian cuisine. It is all about the comforts of home, familiarity and warmth.

Asam Pedas Premier Menu


Roti BakarTelur ½ Masak Roti Bakar + Telur ½ Masak (Roti Goyang)

Traditional Snack

Cucur BawangCucur UdangCucur BilisFrench ToastScramble EggsScramble Eggs + Roti

Nasi Lemak Set

Nasi Lemak KampungNasi Lemak Ayam Goreng BerempahNasi Lemak Ayam Masak MerahNasi Lemak Sambal AyamNasi Lemak Rendang AyamNasi Lemak Sambal SotongNasi Lemak Telur MataNasi Lemak Sambal Telur

Set Asam Pedas

Set Asam Pedas Ikan TenggiriSet Asam Pedas Ikan PariSet Asam Pedas Ikan Kembung(Dihidang Bersama : Nasi Putih, ½ Telur Masin, Ulam & Sambal Belacan)

Set Seafood Grill

Set Ikan Pari BakarSet Ikan Kembung BakarSet Daging Bakar(Dihidang Bersama : Nasi Putih & Timun)

Meal Set

Set Daging Panggang Masak Lemak Cili Padi (Dihidang Bersama : Nasi Putih, ½ Telur Masin, Ulam & Sambal Belacan) Set Ayam Goreng BerempahSet Ayam Masak MerahSet Sambal AyamSet Rendang AyamSet Sambal SotongSet Daging Masak Merah(Dihidang Bersama : Nasi Putih, Keropok & Timun) Set Ikan Keli GorengSet Bawal Goreng(Dihidang Bersama : Nasi Putih, Kuah Asam Pedas, Timun & Sambal Belacan)


Sup {Bihun/ Mee/ Kuey Teow}Kari {Bihun/ Mee/ Kuey Teow}BaksoBakso {Bihun/ Mee/ Kuey Teow}SotoLontongTomyam Campur with RiceTomyam Campur with Noodles

Asian Fried

Nasi Goreng SpecialNasi Goreng PattayaNasi Goreng KampungNasi Goreng CinaNasi Goreng AyamNasi Goreng SayurNasi Goreng MamakBihun/ Mee/ Kuey Teow Goreng SpecialBihun/ Mee/ Kuey Teow HailamNasi Goreng Seafood

Traditional Drink

Teh OTeh TarikKopi TarikNescafeMiloWhite Coffee Tarik
Hot & Cold

Other Drink

Sirap BandungSirap LycheeSirap LonganLonganBarliLimauLimau Asam BoiHoney LemonCoke / 100 Plus / Soya BeanMineral Water 600ml
Hot & Cold

Fresh Juice

Jus OrenJus EpalJus TembikaiJus CarrotAmbra Asam BoiEpal Asam BoiTembikai Lychee / Longan

Selangor Outlets

Bukit Jelutong (7am-8pm)Setia City Mall (10am-10pm)Open 7 days a week. 

K. Lumpur Outlet

Sri Rampai (8am-10pm)Open 7 days a week. 

Penang Outlets

Bayan Baru (11am-11pm)Queensbay (10am-10pm)Open 7 days a week.